Save your 2000$ from github student pack - indian blogging

Save 2000$ as a beginner (indian blogging)

Hey guys, welcome to indian blogging. In this article I am going to talk about how you guys can save upto $20,000 using my process. So guys, before you get started  I want to tell you that this method is useful only for students.

Save your 2000$ from github student pack - indian blogging

So, if you're a student you can potentially save up to 2000 dollars by using github. Yes you heard me right its worth 2000$ and in this artcle I want to tell you exactly how you can do that.

Awesome Gift for students by github

Hey welcome back to indian blogging, and in this article I want to show you the power of github. If you've been using github for your web development or some other management, then you must know about this student packages offered by github and if don't know anything about github and its packages, then I suggest you to create an account on github in order to get started with this pack.

Save your 2000$ from github student pack - indian blogging

Let me show you how you as a student can use github to get some crazy benefits out of github. If you don't know about github then I must tell you that it is used for managing your projects like just hosting your projects and all things related to it and just to show people what all you've made. You can actually just make repositories of your projects and then just post them on your profile and other developers can also look at it and they can fork it and they can clone it and all that, but I'm not going into that I want to share with you something called as a github student pack right now.

A student pack is basically a service that is provided by github only to people who have a student email if you are in college you must be having a student email, but basically what you have to do is that you can use that email to login to your account or you can add that email as a secondary email to your account (You can also use your personal email to login) and once you've done that you end up getting access to a lot of services that you might be using as a developer and in this article i'll tell you exactly how you can get those.

Save your 2000$ from github student pack - indian blogging

If you are a student in college you just need to search for github student pack right you can just search for this or you can just go to  -> 

Now click on GitHub Student Developer Pack.
Now certain pack should be visible over there okay as you can see,
It says learn to ship software like a pro right it is made for students out there that want to learn and they want to build some projects but they don't necessarily have the funds to get it up running and as you can see it gives you a list of all the software that they are available for free.

Save your 2000$ from github student pack - indian blogging

As you can see this is offering from namecheap and they are offering one year of ssl certificate one domain name and this is something really amazing and even I use this to have to get a free domain name from for my own website. again they are offering one free domain name so pretty much like you can get. you can end up getting two domain names if you have one student account from github right and canva you can actually end up getting 12 months of free subscription from the canva pro which I think, is really amazing.
Here you can also get one year free hosting from digitalocean using GitHub Student Developer Pack. There are many other you can explore your self on GitHub Student Developer Pack.

Using all the tools from GitHub Student Developer Pack you can save upto 2000$.
Using these packages you can enhance your web development or just create a blog for free or you can also create your portfolio or some landing pages etc. So you can make your own oline presense using these tools.

How to create github student account

Creating account on github student Developer pack is not as difficult as you think.

Step #1 Go to

Step #2 Click on Github student developer pack and then click get your pack.

Step #3 Now click on get benefits for students.

Now a login page will pop up just login to it ( or create an account first )

Step #4  Now again move to student developer pack and Just answer all queries that is asked. It will also ask you to verify with your student ID card, so be careful.

So after a month, you will receive an email, telling you that your github students pack is approved. And they give you a link which provide you all the stuffs that woth 2000$.
So that's the way you can save upto 2000$ as a student.

Okay so that's it from me guys,  If you find this blog helpful then follow to indian blogging and if you have any query related to this topic , then please be free to contact us at

Thank you for reading this article 😊 if you have any problem then please let me know in the comment Section below.

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