[100% Working] How To Unblock Website Links On Facebook

So friends, today we are going to talk about a very major problem that your blog or website gets blocked on Facebook, due to which when people post it shows as a blocked website. This was a problem with me too, two or three weeks ago, when I used to put any post from my other blog on Facebook or write the name of that blog, that post was not approved and my URL was also blocked.... Meaning Facebook blocked all my traffic.

After that how I fixed it, I am going to tell you further in this post of Indian blogging , so if you also want to know, and this is a serious problem for you, then you can read this post completely. So friends, this is a very major problem, if most of your work is done by Facebook or if you do dropshiping then you know that most dropshippers run their advertising from Facebook for years, if we are all bloggers, we all post a new post, then we should promote it somewhere. Facebook is the best platform for this. Would have got very good and referral traffic from Facebook but now if your url is blocked then what should you do??

So today I want to tell you all those things. So what you have to do is that if all of you have run Facebook ads before then it is a good thing but if you have not run any Facebook ads then you should run some ads for any other websites. Otherwise, contact them because they have Facebook ad support, don't contact with the default support of Facebook, reach out to only those who have ad support from Facebook and tell them that we are not able to run ads on our website. 

Meaning that our Ads are not running. We are not able to run ads with link clicks. 

So regarding that they will help you.

After that first you tell them your problem, then after that they will ask you which website's AIDS you are not able to run. So you give them your URL, and in a short time a mail will come and they mail you with all the details in it. Tell them that I want its resolution as soon as possible and my business has come to a standstill because of this.

In the second method, you can do that the link I gave you is the option to debug the URL of Facebook, so now when you click on this url, a website will open which is the website of Facebook itself and it has to debug the URL. Will ask to do Means if you have any url block. If you have any post url block then put it there and try to debug when you debug there then if your debug is ok otherwise it will show error and say to raise support ticket. So you can raise a support ticket.

But on that you have to raise daily support ticket. Now see that someday they will definitely respond something or the other and your url will be fixed automatically. Means automatically your url will start working. I want to tell you that the reason for the problem you are facing is that Facebook has recently changed its algorithm, due to which many such urls have been blocked. Because of that, all the bloggers who are there in most of the cases, their website has also been banned.

You might be a victim of this thing, then this is the solution to this problem. I have told you two solutions. So try it and don't ever contact with your default account support because you will never get the response and if you get it, it will come very late. If you contact with the support of Facebook Ads, tell them that I am not able to run the linked ads, this is my website, and fix it as soon as possible, this is causing my business loss. By doing this, they will listen quickly and the problem you have will be completely solved in a day or two.

So I think you must have found the solution of your problem and with this method your problem will be 100% solved.

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